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Posted on 31st October 2016 in Save Money

This cashback solution is a real blessing to me. And I want to share this amazing program with you.

Many people keep on asking, “what is this cashback thing that you keep talking about?

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Well, the name of the company is Saivian, a network marketing company.

Saivian has an amazing cashback solution based on a fascinating marketing concept.

Saivian was launched in October 2015. They started offering 3 paid memberships. The first one was the retail shopping membership (RSM). The merchant advertising platform (MAP) and the global travel membership (GTM) were also offered.

Now, there are basically 2 paid memberships. However, the RSM and GTM were merged together to create the Global Saving Plan (GSP). The MAP is still available.

The membership fee is $125 payable every 28 days for both the GSP and MAP. The GSP allows you to get up to 20% cashback.

This article focuses on the global saving plan. This program targets shoppers spending for groceries, gas, restaurants, coffee, airline tickets and hotels.


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What is the cashback solution that Saivian is offering?

When you join Saivian with a GSP, you get access to 3 main benefits.

Instant Savings Benefits (ISB)

This is the first benefits that comes with a GSP. You get discounts to over 300,000 international retail stores.

The Instant Savings Benefits that you get with your GSP membership are on top of the 20% cashback. You have access to a search engine to get grocery coupons and countless discounts at retail stores in your local area. There are also savings on hotels, car rentals and travel packages.

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Exclusive access to a network of local merchants

This second benefit provides an exclusive access to offers and discounts from a network of local merchants around the global. These merchants are enrolled in the MAP.

Travel portal

The third benefit is an access to the travel portal. You get the best travel deals on hotels, vacation rentals, condos, resorts and car rentals.

How the GSP works?

You receive 20% cashback on all your purchases. These purchases are for retail (groceries, gas, restaurants, clothing, electronics, etc.) and travel (airline tickets, name-brand hotels and resorts).

The amount of cashback is capped every month at $250 ($3,000 annually). But, there is a limit of $125 on your first cashback redemption. The purchases that don’t get a cashback on a particular month are rolled over to the next month.

cashback - smiling couple with shopping bags

Your purchases include online and in-person shopping. You can shop at leading and local department stores, electronics stores and retail stores. Grocers, gas stations, clothing retailers, shoe stores and coffee shops are also eligible.

You can pick up to 20 stores. There are 2 different types of stores. Non-preferred stores are stores that are not registered with the Saivian. You are allowed to select up to 10 non-preferred stores.

Preferred stores at part of the Saivian’s network. You can pick up to 10 preferred stores.

After each cashback redemption, you can modify your list of preferred and non-preferred stores.

One of the most noteworthy observation is that you do not need to change your shopping habits. It’s better, though, to shop at top retail stores for better receipt verification.

Free membership

Saivian is also offering a free membership.

Active members worldwide

The table below shows the number of active Saivian members in the top 10 countries. This table will be updated when you data become available.

As of December 21, 2016, Saivian had more than 120,000 active members worldwide. Here is a list of the top 10 countries.

1. China – 85,912 active members;

2. USA – 5,602 active members;

3. South Korea – 4,352 active members;

4. Canada – 4,230 active members;

5. Japan – 3,352 active members;

6. Taiwan – 3,226 active members;

7. Hong Kong – 1,406 active members;

8. Malaysia – 775 active members;

9. United Kingdom – 469 active members;

10. Australia – 424 active members.

Why should you get a GSP membership?

A typical family can get up to $250 in cashback every month. That sums up to $3,000 annually. Therefore, that is enough to pay for the GSP membership renewal fee. A GSP membership costs $125 each 28 days or $1,625 annually ($125 x 13).

If the membership fees are deducted from the amount of cashback, this family get a net savings of $1,375 per year.

This cashback is real money. You save money on your everyday shopping without using coupons.

You don’t have to change where you shop. And you can shop online and offline.

Because there is no monthly contract, you can cancel your membership anytime without penalty.

Click here to watch a short webinar on the Saivian opportunity

Do you need a membership?

Yes, you do have to pay $125 every 28 days to renew your retail shopping membership with Saivian.

Most people ask why you must pay a membership fee of $125 every 28 days. The membership is a fixed cost that entitles you to a benefit (cashback).

All businesses incur fixed costs to operate. These costs are honored whether a company registers a net loss or a profit.

Each member in Saivian gets his own URL and back-office. POS data storage, back-office and computer system operation generate costs. On the administration side, there also personnel, infrastructure and building costs.

Smiling couple doing shopping in grocery storeOverall, a typical family generates a net monthly saving summing up to up to $1,375 per year.

Yes, $1,375 will go a long way in helping families on budget.

This family would save money every year ($1,375) just for sharing their point of sale data with Saivian.

Such a saving is worth the effort for many families. It may help them to afford special activities or sports for their kids.

Many parents may finance the purchase of gifts for Christmas or a family vacation. And why not pay off credit card debt faster. Opportunities are almost endless.

Mobile Application

The new app is available now. As of today, the app is available if you have an Apple device. The android version of the app will be release in about 1 to 2 weeks.

With the app you can in real time:

  • Access your account with Saivian
  • Consult the receipts already recorded and organize them
  • Send your receipts directly to Saivian
  • Know how much cashback you have accumulated during a month
  • Know much cashback you have received year to date
  • Locate the preferred stores on a map
  • Redeeem your cashback

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Principle behind Saivian’s cashback program

Saivian is using, off line, a business model that Facebook or Google use online. Facebook collects relevant marketing data on accounts holders.

They make billions of dollars each year selling these data to marketers for advertising.

In fact, Facebook knows what you’re looking for or what you’re searching for. They know what are things you like or comment on.

Thus, they can tailor make the advertisements and search results you receive. Ads and search results are the most relevant for you.

Saivian’s operational marketing concept

close-up of credit card on shopping receiptSaivian collects data from your receipts. You will record on a weekly basis for each of your receipts, the store, date and the amount you spent before taxes.

The genius behind this concept is that Saivian can get the data at the point of sale (POS).

Point of sale data have a tremendous value for marketing and advertising departments. Thus, store brands, house brands, private label brands and generic brands crave for POS data.

The data that Saivian collects enables the company to know where you live. Saivian knows also how old you are, how many people are in your household and what your zip/postal code is.

POS data collected offline are even more valuable than the data that Facebook collects. While Facebook knows what you like, Saivian collects data on what you went out and bought.

POS data are not easy to collect. Thus, the concept used by Saivian is innovative and forward thinking.

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Basically, POS data allow Saivian’s marketing partner to find out areas where to concentrate advertising dollars. For example, grocery stores are competing to get the same customers.

If a store could find out what the customers are buying at another store, they would have a competitive advantage.

The marketing partners can also make informed decisions regarding the monetary level and medium of advertising to purchase.

POS data are valuable information because they are sold to other competing enterprises.

As a result, the advertising revenue helps subsidize the cashback program. Thus, Saivian can afford to pay a 20% cashback for everyday purchases you make.

The Saivian compensation plan

Affiliate opportunity

Saivian is not a direct sales company but will pay you for bringing in a new member into the organization.

Anyone who gets a GSP membership in Saivian can also become an affiliate. It is not mandatory to act as an affiliate. As a result, you can limit yourself to just getting your cashback.

As an affiliate, you can earn commissions if you promote Saivian. It simply means helping families understand the program and buy a retail shopping membership.

Affiliate commissions

Saivian cashback - independent affiliateIf you personally refer 3 people and they get a RSM, you reach the Founder level.

At this level, you get paid a referral commission of $5/day.

That sums up to $150 per month. The daily commission is paid if the 3 referrals maintain their memberships active.

If you want to earn more residual income, just teach your 3 referrals how to promote Saivian. If each of them becomes a Founder, you reach 12 active retail membership sales. At this point, the daily commission is $20/day. It sums up to $600/month.

In fact, the more people you help earn a residual income, the more money you earn in commissions.

This means that you should help your team succeed. Further reducing any chance of a new member in your team missing out on the compensation plan.

Zig Ziglar once said:

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.

I know that the question many may be asking is: “Is this real or a Ponzi scheme?”.

Saivian is not a Ponzi scheme.

There are real products (RSM, MAP and GTM) sold to real customers. Specific quotas of active membership sales in your team trigger daily commissions payment.

Daily residual income plan

As per Saivian’s compensation plan, daily commissions vary between $5/day and $3,000/day.

The amount of daily commission depends on the number of active retail membership sales in a team:

  • 3 active retail membership sales (Founder) – $5 daily;
  • 12 active retail membership sales (VIP Founder) – $20 daily;
  • 39 active retail membership sales (Elite Founder) – $30 daily;
  • 80 active retail membership sales (1 Star Founder) – $50 daily;
  • 150 active retail membership sales (2 Star Founder) – $100 daily;
  • 300 active retail membership sales (3 Star Founder) – $150 daily;
  • 500 active retail membership sales (4 Star Founder) – $200 daily;
  • 750 active retail membership sales (5 Star Founder) – $300 daily;
  • 1,000 active retail membership sales (Ambassador) – $500 daily;
  • 2,000 active retail membership sales (Gold Ambassador) – $750 daily;
  • 4,000 active retail membership sales (Platinum Ambassador) – $1,000 daily;
  • 6,000 active retail membership sales (Diamond Ambassador) – $2,000 daily;
  • 8,000 active retail membership sales (Presidential Ambassador) – $3,000 daily.


My personal testimonial

As I said before, Saivian’s cashback program has been a real blessing to me. It has helped me reduce the cost of my everyday spending and increase my savings.

This saving adds up to the reward points or discounts I get from the credit card companies or the retail stores.

It has also been a great opportunity to earn passive income through the commissions. I quickly reached the Founder level in the first fifteen days after I joined. This represents an extra income of $150/month.

I’m working on the next promotion level which is VIP Founder. At this level, I get a residual income of $600/month. Saivian is definitely one of the best ways to generate passive income.

You don’t need to incur any extra spending because a portion of your cashback can be redeemed to renew your membership.

Who is this program for?

My goal is to help people who need a better budget control. If you think that Saivian may help you achieve this goal, sign up here to learn more and stay in touch.

This cashback solution is a good fit for you if you spend between $200 and $300 a week or more on everyday shopping. You save money on groceries, gas, restaurants when you get a retail shopping membership.

If you are investigating residual income ideas, Saivian should be on the top of your list of options. It is one of the best ways to make passive income.

If you want to start a home-based business that is simple, fun and help families, join Saivian here. As an affiliate, you can promote Saivian and sell retail saving memberships.

Your potential residual income would range between $150/month and 90,000/month. It only depends on how effective you are at promoting Saivian and the RSM.

Please watch this short video on the Saivian opportunity. Let’s save money on your shopping expenses while earning a residual income.

The Saivian opportunity will help you earn more money. If you have any other questions, feel free to send an email to

It is an opportunity to altering your lifestyle for the better. It will free up more time for you to do the other things that make you happy.

Finally, as a network marketer, I’ve been following Troy Dooly, the beachside CEO, for over a year now. He recommends Saivian in this YouTube video below.

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